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Are you looking to expand your business, increase your revenues, or grow your team?
Is your business in a stage of rapid growth that you would like to sustain and continue?

Whether you want to grow your business, or you’ve already built momentum and want it to continue, one thing is guaranteed:
Something needs to change.
Either something needs to spark growth, or changes need to happen to sustain the growth.  The solutions you have for today may solve tomorrow’s problem, but it won’t solve the problems of next week, next month, or next year.  (Unless you want to stay in the same place.)
Angi San Souci specializes in leadership coaching, speaking and training.  She is an Executive Director and DISC Consultant with the John Maxwell Team, and is a Certified Knowledge Broker by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.  Her passion is working with companies on their people capital – helping individuals learn more about themselves and their personal leadership, and then apply that knowledge to the team setting to create a more harmonious and high functioning team.  She also works with executives on how to be better leaders of their teams to create better performance and drive results.  Angi works with teams in an engaging and productive way by creating experiential opportunities for students to enhance the learning process.  You will not find her delivering just another lecture or classroom talk. 
It has been said that there are only three ways to lead – by example, by example, and by example.  Angi has done so by demonstrating her success in her professional career.  Some of her professional successes include:

  • Leading the #1 Area in the U.S. for an international brand in client retention
  • Leading a team that statewide was the only team to consistently grow for 6 quarters
  • Top Sales Awards earned in two companies
  • Tripling client retention metrics for two companies
  • Doubling revenues for two companies
  • Involved in three strategic planning initiatives for international organizations

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to teams and leadership.  As such, Angi provides a complimentary 30-minute discovery session to individuals who are curious about developing their teams or their personal potential.  Following the session she will put together a customized plan of action for you.

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Where your focus goes, your energy flows.
So if you focus on Mondays sucking, guess what, Mondays suck.
When you focus on Mondays Motivating, guess what, You Feel Motivated.
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"What’s the biggest value I get from Angi’s Monday Morning Motivation? Well let’s see, I think it’s the best reminder that I have a chance to make each week better than the week prior, and to also focus on my Why, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and Mentally. Her emails push me to do better and always bring a smile to Monday Morning’s!" 
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